Wednesday, October 18, 2006

area's of expertise...

So last time we met, Serena asked us to list three area's of expertise and then three area's we'd like to learn more about:
So here are mine:

Area's I'd like to learn more about:

studio lighting techniques (how to get that annoying shadow off the bottom of my backdrops, using beauty dishes and other specialized lighting, lighting for several people...things of that nature)

workflow (how to narrow it and hone skills with speed and efficiency, so I can spend more time actually shooting and less time toiling away at my wonderful computer:) LOL!

Making DVD slideshow set to music for clients!

Marketing Strategies

Area's I could lead a discussion on (I really hate to say area's of expertise because I am always growing in all of the area's)

Creating trust with clients, how to book a prospective client...

Photographing expectant mother and/or children

Photographing Senior Portraits how to break away from the mundane and typical "lean against a tree with your cheesiest smile shot"! How to make your images sell to young people and their parents.

Ok, hope that helps!


Blogger Lisa Warninger said...

I'd love to hear you speak on booking and creating trust with clients!

11:48 AM  

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